Transform your Nails with a Foil Nail Wrap

The nail wraps that I offer are available in high-quality designs, and manicures are offered as well. As the latest trend in nails, you are sure to love the results that a nail wrap provides.

The Test of Time

Lasting up to two weeks, a nail wrap manicure is perfect if you want to glam up your appearance. It’s best if you do not place too much stress on your nails, and avoid hot-water where possible. Compared to this, a nail wrap lasts up to 4-6 weeks, as the nails on your feet aren’t used as much. I recommend that you replace the nail wrap every four weeks.

That's a Wrap

Nail wraps are great as they do not chip. They may wear slightly along the free edge of the nail, but they do not wear any further. You may also experience lifting. This only occurs if you leave your nails in hot water for a long period. The procedure involves a flexible polymer that is heated and applied to nails, similar to a sticker. As a mess-free option they do not damage your nails. For further nail treatments, please view my shellac nails.

The Latest Prices

Q & A

1Can I Shower/Bath with Nail Wraps as they are heated when applied?
Yes! Having a shower, bath, or swim is all perfectly safe as they have a waterproof seal. It’s safe as long as the water is not very hot.
2How long do they last for?
They normally last between 5-10 days on hands, but they may last longer if they are looked after. The nails do not chip. They last a lot longer on toes (4-6 weeks), if taken care of.
3How long does it take to dry?
Nail wraps require no drying time. When the application is finished, you can carry on as normal. The wrap is a dry coating so there is no smudging or chipping.


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