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Before getting on the sun bed

  • People taking any medications must consult with their doctor if it is alright to tan because some medications can react to UV light emitted by sun beds.
  • Exfoliate your skin with a good body scrub to clean your skin as it tans better. Also gap your shower and tan with at least an hour.
  • Remove all cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery before getting on to the sun bed as they can react with the UV rays.
  • Apply generous amount of tanning accelerator just before getting on the bed. Make sure it penetrates into your skin well to help better tanning.
  • Protect your sensitive areas if you are going nude for the tanning. These areas should be protected against sun burn at all costs. Do not apply any tanning accelerators or tingle lotions on such areas like eyes, lips and groin.

While on the sun bed

Eyelids can only block 25% of harmful UV rays from getting into the eyes so, closing your eyes while getting tanned is not a safe option. Wearing eye goggle is!

Red, itchy or watery eyes may be an indication of short-term eye sun burn. Do not go for a repeat tanning procedure in such cases. It will only make the condition worse leading to diminished colour perception, reduced night vision and increasing probability of cataract.

Again, keep your sensitive areas covered.

De-stress! Relaxation is a great benefit provided by sun beds so, make most use out of it.

Do not ignore any burning or itchy sensations that you feel on your body while getting tanned. If there is any, get out and check it.

Set the tanning bed to the time and power that suits your body. Getting lecherous for a darker tone can put your skin at risk. So be wise and do not over expose your body to UVA and UVB rays which can lead to sunburns.

Ask the salon operator for the power and time to be set on the sun beds and do not increase them.

If the sun bed has recently been re-tubed, reduce your tanning time by around 20%. New tubes emit more power for the first 20 hours of usage.

Wear a lip balm that consists of a sun block. Lips cannot produce melanin which puts them at a risk of over exposure.

After the tanning session

Do not shower for two hours after getting the tan as the lotions are still working over it to get you a better colour.

It is advised to not bathe more than once a day as the opposite may rid the skin of too many oils and nutrients.

Moisturise your skin after the shower. Doing it twice a day is good.

Do not get tanned again for at least 48 hours. Getting tanned too often may lead to your skin “leather looking”.

Be patient. Tan takes time to develop, especially if you are new to tanning. Use a bronzing lotion to get the colour quickly.

Immediately consult the medical practitioner if you experience any rashes, itching or any other skin irregularities.

It may take 4-6 hours after the tanning session before the colour comes through. Do not get duped by the instant colour after getting off the sun bed. It may be a sign of sun burn.

Occasionally, keep moving your arms and shoulders. Some people complain of white patches on the shoulder blades and at the base of the back. This happens because there are fewer blood vessels in this area of the body, and as you rest on them – you lower this blood flow even further. The only answer to this is to move occasionally.

Use the fan! Remember heat does not mean that you will tan better. It might make you look redder. The tubes on sun bed have been designed to run at an optimal temperature. Running the bed too hot will result in a drop in performance of the tubes, and therefore your tan will suffer.


Follow These Tips to Get a Good Tan on our Sun Beds. Top tips on how to get the best tan from our top of the range beds. Visit us today. Bishops Stortford.