Say so long to nasty razor rash with the help of our waxing and hair removal services. I will ensure that you are comfortable, and there is no hassle when you choose this service. If you want to be hair-free, it’s the perfect option. Based in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, I make sure that you receive an efficient service.

A Friendly Face

If it’s your first time, waxing can be a daunting experience. But don’t worry, I am always happy to help. Here are some helpful tips for you to utilise:

  • Hair growth should be 1/4”. (About 10 days of growth, or seven if your hair grows quickly.)
  • I recommend 2-3 weeks between eyebrow waxing appointments.
  • You should wait 4-5 weeks between each Brazilian appointment.
  • Hard Wax – In theory, hard wax adheres to the course hair in the bikini area, not the skin and the hair as soft wax does. Your skin is left less irritated with a more thorough waxing.
  • Soft Wax – Serving for finer hair, facial hair, and coarse hair, this wax is primarily used for the eyebrows, upper lips, and face.
  • As I have years of experience, I know that customers want the procedure completed as fast as possible. I will ensure this is a quick and efficient procedure.

Brazilian Waxing

This style of waxing removes pubic hair from the root using a cream wax. Removing all the hair from the front, in-between, and behind. A small strip in the shape of a square, rectangle, oval, or triangle is left in the front.

Hollywood Waxing

Similar to Brazilian waxing, we remove the pubic hair from the root using a cream wax. It’s the complete removal of all pubic hair. In recent times, many people opt for a Hollywood wax because of the no-hair feeling. It does require extra care due to the special nature of this service. PLEASE NOTE: Some clients may find this very painful.

Bikini Line Waxing

This style of waxing removes the pubic hair from the root using a cream wax. Many women feel self-conscious about hair along the bikini line. This is the line that is visible from the covered part of the bikini to the lower abdomen. The treatment removes all the hair below the belly button and outside the bikini area. Changes in lingerie styles have encouraged people to use this treatment throughout the year.

Waxing vs Shaving

Stop shaving and start waxing! You are only cutting the hair from the surface of your skin when you shave, which causes the hair to grow back very quickly. Shaving also causes thicker hairs to grow. Waxing removes the entire hair, from the follicle to the root. It’s a better method if you desire a longer-lasting result and finer hair growth. Hair usually starts growing back after 2-6 weeks, but it depends on each individual.

Hair appears in cycles of growing, resting, and shedding. Once you first start waxing, it lasts around two weeks. If you start waxing on a regular basis, your hair may not grow back for another six weeks. This isn’t the case for everyone, as some people have faster growing hair. Frequently waxing an area can also damage the hair follicle, causing it to stop growing hair.

Before Waxing

Shower and lightly exfoliate your entire bikini area before your appointment. Use warm (not hot) water.

  • Make sure that you are extra clean. Don’t use any lotions in your bikini area.
  • You need a certain amount of hair growth for the wax to hold. However, if your hair is too long, it will hurt more than it should. I will trim your hair to just the right length, or you can call me and do it yourself before the appointment.
  • Take an aspirin or Tylenol before the appointment if you are worried about pain. This should be taken 30-45 minutes beforehand. (Always make sure that it is safe to do so.)

Get Results – Waxing Tips

I endeavour to provide a great service, and I am always here to provide advice and guidance. View the list below:

  • Your skin is more sensitive during (and around) your period. Waxing is more painful than normal. Your appointment shouldn’t be any closer than a couple of days before or after your period. For more information, please call me on 07927 797605.
  • After enough time has passed, you may want to have a spray tan! I provide a complete spray tan service. Please give time for you skin to heal before you undertake this procedure.

Aftercare Advice

Once your wax is finished, you should ensure that your skin is cared for. Here are some precautions that you should take:

  • Do not immediately take a hot bath or shower. (Cool to lukewarm water should be used instead.)
  • No saunas, hot tubs, or steam treatments.
  • No tanning. (This includes sunbathing, sunbeds, or fake tans)
  • No sport, gym work, or other exercise.
  • Avoid scratching or touching the treated area with unwashed hands.
  • Wear clean, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.
  • Do not apply deodorants, body sprays, powders, lotions, or similar products.
  • I will recommend products for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Waxing has certain side-effects, including skin removal, redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising. These are normal and temporary reactions. These symptoms should subside across the next 24-48 hours. If you experience persistent redness or irritation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction during the next 24-48 hours.