We have the latest in tanning technology in Bishops Stortford at affordable prices and… FREE PARKING!

Sunbeds are our thing, if you are looking for the ultimate experience then you have come to the right place. We have both stand up and lay down beds offering you a little luxury such as water mists and music players.

BRAND NEW – The Luxura Vegaz 9200 in Stylish Silver

What can you expect from these brand new beds.

  • Intense tanning results – an optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation
  • Premium red lamps creating excellent tanning results with a touch of skin care
  • Should Tanner offering the solution for every challenge, even for those parts of the body that are more difficult to tan. The perfect tanning result in the neck and shoulder area
  • Enjoy pure comfort with ContourPlus – a comfortable and ergonomically shaped acrylic sheet perfectly supports your entire body whilst tanning
  • Pump up the volume with SoundAround Plus!  Get the ultimate relaxation during your tanning session with great surround music. Bluetooth, four speakers a subwoofer

Discover the NEW Luxura VEGAZ Sunbed

The Luxura X10

The Luxura X10 is the most sophisticated tanning bed in the Luxura range. It has a really cool design and offers an extraordinary tanning experience. Take a look at the range of attractive colours in the shop. So what are the benefits to the Luxura X10

  • Lightening fast tanning results
  • Adjustable air conditioning system
  • Optional fragrant scent for the tanning session
  • Water mist spray keeping you cook
  • Safe and targeted tanning of the face
  • MPS Music Player
  • Vitamin B Tubes

The Luxura V8

The Luxura V8 is a luxury stand up bed. With a dazzling design, the smooth design is very stylish. It is very spacious and comfortable when compared to traditional UV tanning standards and the perfect companion for optimum Vitamin D production!

  • Powerful tanning technology
  • Optional aroma feature
  • Cooling feature
  • Body cooling and adjustable ventilation system
  • Ambient flow light for a relaxing atmosphere
  • MPS Music Player
  • Easy to use touch screen controls.